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Weed World(Latest Issue)

Weed World(Latest Issue)

Weed World is an alternative lifestyle magazine that has over 25 years of knowledge about the wonderful world of weed.

Weed World breaks through the barriers of taboo with it’s educational content, keeping you the reader in touch with the ever growing and changing world of cannabis; this magazine covers every topic imaginable, from the very serious articles to the light –hearted that will brighten up any rainy day.
This bio monthly magazine has over 145 colour pages packed to the brim with information and is now available to you online 24 hrs a day - 7 days a week.
By using this fantastic app it allows you to download the latest edition or back issues of Weed World so you never miss an issue.
What you could expect to see in each edition:
•Spotlight on the latest strain of seeds
•Medicinal Marijuana news
•Interviews & informative articles
•Readers interaction, forums & letters
•Recipes – made with marijuana
•Reviews of the latest books, films, music and games

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