Collider Dab Rig with Glass Nail

Collider Dab Rig with Glass Nail

The Cheeky One Collider Glass Oil Rig is a new reclaim oil rig from Cheeky One's new Sci-Fi range.

It features an inline percolator and recycler function, which swirls the water around the bong to help cool and aerate it.
It also features an 18.8mm female glass dome and nail. The rig could easily be converted into a bong with the addition of an 18.8mm female bowl

This is a great little affordable rig, perfect for anyone new to dabbing

Can be purchased together with a Cheeky One Titanium nail for £50.00 saving you £10.00

Or with a Genie Dabbing Maintenance kit for £40.00 saving you £3.00

Or with both the Titanium nail & Dabbing Maintenance kit for £65.00 saving you £13.00


Cheeky One Titanium Nail

Cheeky One Titanium Nail

The Cheeky One 4 in 1 Domeless Titanium Nail has been designed to fit almost any bong and turn it into a professional dabbing rig.
This awesome bit of kit will fit any bong with an 18.8mm or 14.5mm male or female joint. This makes it one of the most adaptable titanium nails available.
The titanium construction means it is inert and will provide you with a clean and flavoursome experience.
Its very easy to assemble in any configuration and fully disassembles making it really easy to clean.
We recommend heating your Titanium Nail from the top to prevent any damage to your glass bong.
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Genie Dabbing/Cleaning Maintenance Kit

Genie Dabbing/Cleaning Maintenance Kit

The Genie Vaporizer/Smoking Tool Kit is the perfect cleaning/maintenance/tool kit for use with all of your smoking paraphernalia.
Whether you prefer to smoke bowls, dab or vaporize this kit is packed full of tools designed to make using, maintaining and cleaning your gear a breeze.
This awesome kit is supplied in a very handy storage/presentation tin that helps to keep things tidy and stop tools from getting lost.

In the Tin

  • 1 x 16cm Black Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x 10cm White Cleaning Brush
  • 5 x Genie Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
  • 1 x Pair of Metal Tweezers
  • 1 x Grinder Cleaning Brush/Sift Scraper
  • 1 x Pointed Double Ended Dabbing Tool
  • 1 x Flat Double Ended Dabbing Tool
  • 1 x Silicone Mat (19cm x 11cm)
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